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Suman Chaudhuri

Welcome! I am so excited to bring the power of meditation to you in a way you probably have never experienced before. There is a universal system of optimizing human potential inherent in all great spiritual systems of the world, and the key element is the proper practice of meditation and mindfulness beyond dogma and cultural trappings. 

The ancient science, wisdom, and art of meditation offer something for everyone and may be the most empowering personal practice of all as it is a way to journey within, heal, discover who you really are, and transform yourself in amazing ways. The rewards from a successful meditation practice potentially include greater health, vitality, awareness, tranquility, compassion, and maybe even true awakening and liberation! This is what I want you to understand, embrace, and practice so that you can reach your optimal potential as well!

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery and to maximize the full potential of this ancient practice, guidance is absolutely a must to navigate the stages and pitfalls along the way. And so, I offer you a free consultation to talk further and explore ways to bring the power of meditation into your life for the first time or to the next level.

Harnessing the full potential of the body and mind with meditation!

Understanding the principles of energy and the mind as well as the proper application of the techniques of meditation with skill and artistry allows for true progression through the hardwired stages of transformation of the body, heart, mind, and spirit whether for the purpose of relaxation, personal development, or spiritual cultivation. The foundation begins with the right blend of focus and mindfulness based on the practice of Anapanasati as taught by the Buddha and Vipassana, with tangible results being experienced even by beginners within a short time. A more relaxed body, a calmer mind, and a stronger base of equanimity to better handle stress are the initial goals. As practice progresses and stages unfold, a deeper understanding of samadhi and insight become crucial to advancing on any spiritual path.   

The Path of Meditation

Learn the Proper Way

You must learn the basics and not rely on guided meditations to actually progress.

Navigate Kundalini

In time the kundalini will awaken and it is important to know how to navigate this process.

Understand the Stages

Knowing the goals and stages is necessary to stay on track with motivation and excitement.

Live More Skillfully

Effectively apply meditation to live more intuitively, productively, and in the flow state.

Apply Right Mindfulness

Correct understanding and application of mindfulness leads to real, practical results.

Progress Spiritually

Integrate meditation into any spiritual path to allow true awakening potential.



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